This week we are going to do pitching or a letter to an agent (it’s much the same).

You can either base it on a big project you are working on, or one you would like to work on, or even one someone else has done (a famous book) . I want you to bring: 

1. A Title

2. A log-line (that’s the thing you see below the title on a movie poster or the top two lines on the back of most paperbacks). 

3. A short synopsis. No more than 300 words and probably less. 

4. A short description of the book’s genre and who it is supposed to appeal to. 

5. A paragraph about yourself. 

6. Triangulation: three things that the book is sort of like. “In the same vein as”.

This sounds like a lot, but it isn’t really. In real life you’d also send a writing sample. Bring one if you like but no more than 300 words.

We can discuss how we’d turn these components into a real letter to an agent or publisher.

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