This week we are going to try the Wikipedia thing I found on the internet somewhere. It means using a random Wikipedia entry as a prompt. If you want to try it yourself, go to any Wikipedia page in English and click the “random article” link on the left-hand side of the screen under the picture of the globe.

I’ve had a go and the first one I came up with is this (I didn’t cheat):

Tromsø, Kaptein

So let’s try that. You are at liberty to look up the entry and do any other research you like (“Kaptein” is Norwegian for “Captain”); but ideally I don’t want any pieces of straight journalism about Robyn Hitchcock.

While you’re doing that, make a start on creating a writers’ notebook for the following week, when we will present our notebooks together with something we have created using those fragments of observation, random speech, description, jokes, poetry, slogans, whatever. Here’s a little article about the kind of notebook I mean:

(You may have to sign up to the site.)

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