Welcome to Cheltenham Stories

Welcome to Cheltenham Stories. We are a group of writers who meet to share our stories and work on them together. We are always happy for people to come along and join in what we do, whether by chipping in or just by listening and giving their thoughts. We meet at the Sober Parrot, Cheltenham’s alcohol-free entertainment bar, on Sunday mornings from about 10.15 to 12.30. The Sober Parrot is at 7 St James Square, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3PR.

If you would like to come along, email john@cheltenhamstories.com or telephone 077 88 515387.

Sunday 24 May

This week’s exercise follows on from last week’s. Take your ‘Lost love’ piece and rewrite is as a short story called ‘Lost’, in the third person (He, She, They). Attempt to arrange your material in the form of a series of scenes, using dialogue and precise sensory detail. Imply as much as you state, withhold as much as you reveal. This is really hard, but it will make us all better writers.

Sunday 17 May

For this week, I want you to do an exercise I found in a book. It’s called Lost Loves.

You have to write about someone you have lost, not necessarily because they died. It’s just that they were part of your life and now they aren’t.

Write about a time when you were together. This can be a fleeting moment, a particular incident or a longer period of time. 

Then imagine a scene when you come back together. Represent this as a conversation. What do you say to each other? 

Please don’t make anything up for this one. It’s supposed to be factual. 

Next time, May 24, we will take this autobiographical material and turn it into a short story in the third person, using all the techniques of fiction.